Gluggle Jug XL, sea blue (1,3l)
Gluggle Jug XL, sea blue (1,3l)
Gluggle Jug XL, sea blue (1,3l)

Gluggle jug xl, sea blue (1,3l)

The jug make a wonderful ‘gluck gluck’ sound when poured. They are very versatile and can be used as a water jug, vase, utensil jar, drinking vessel or ornament.

These original jugs are made in the UK in Stoke on Trent (Staffordshire, UK) from ceramics and handmade by The Gluggle Jug Factory. In addition to a variety of color options, the jugs are also offered in a variety of sizes. The jugs are food safe and certified.

The Gluggle Jug has been copied over and over again. The copies do not survive the original: they are unsustainably produced in China, and the import to Europe leaves a large ecological footprint. The copies are also not certified for drinking and may only be used as a vase. And most importantly, the copies don't gurgle! So stay with the quality and fun, stay with the original!

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