Paris hobnail jug 2 L, cashmere

Paris hobnail jug 2 l, cashmere

This elegant jug ordained with the traditional hobnail pattern native to Bohemia (Czech Republic) is a delightful and useful piece for any occasion. It is mouth-blown and 100% handmade with care and expertise. An eternal classic that now comes in an array of colours, that will fit any mood or season.

This Cashmere coloured glass pitcher is subdued, elegant hue that gives any table setting sophistication and quiet luxury whether filled with water, wine or flowers. 

  • Size:  ø15,5 cm x 23 cm, volume 2000 ml, but due to their handmade nature, the size of these items may vary slightly.
  • Material: Mouthblown glass
  • Care: We recommend hand washing. Machine-washable when subject to the following recommendations: Use a short washing program, less than 60˚ celcius, without a drying programme. 

Ps. Paris jugs are available in larger and smaller versions, as well as an array of beautiful coloured or clear glass. 

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