Snippers Gin Deluxe, 700 ml (21 cm)
Snippers Gin Deluxe, 700 ml (21 cm)

Snippers gin deluxe, 700 ml (21 cm)

The Gin Deluxe, is doubled in size to 700ml and has a bronze-plated label which is numbered by hand. With this bottle, you can turn Gin into barrel aged Gin. The woodchips inside the bottle come from slightly toasted oak that is normally used to make barrels from. Although the chips are small, they contain a lovely smooth flavour. This flavour will be released after adding Gin, as if you’re ageing your Gin in a wooden barrel.

1 Add Gin
You start off by adding Gin. Always make sure the Gin contains at least 30% alcohol. On the label, write down the bottle date and the type of Gin you’ve used. We suggest using your favourite Gin for this experiment. You’ll be amazed by the taste difference.

2 The ageing process
After you’ve filled up your bottle, let it age in a cool and dark place. The woodchips will slowly start to release their smooth flavour and amber colour. Don’t hesitate to taste every now and then to experience how the flavours develop over time. This process takes approximately eight weeks, but feel free to find out what happens if you let it age longer.

3 Serve your own drink
After eight weeks, it is time to serve your own drink. Filter or carefully pour the liquor before drinking it. Make sure you don’t pour any of the woodchips into your glass. Also, never eat the woodchips.

4 Cheers!
Enjoy the experiment responsibly.

Made in the Netherlands.

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