Earth Paper Mache Plate
Earth Paper Mache Plate
Earth Paper Mache Plate

Earth paper mache plate

Part of the Earth Collection, this wide (45 cm in diameter) plate is rough yet minimal. The collection of plates, pots and lamps made of paper mache plays with volumes. "With the paper mache vases, I feel my visual language shifting ever closer to the sculptural," says designer Marie Michielssen. The designer does not put anything on paper beforehand, no technical drawings or 3D models on the computer. In the design process, Marie Michielssen would rather let the material speak for itself.

  • Size: 
L45 x W45 x H16 cm
  • Material: paper mache
  • Care: Never rinse paper mache with water. Instead, dust with a dry cloth. If stained, paper mache objects can be wiped with a soft soapy cloth, but be careful not to rub to avoid smudging the paint 
  • Please note, paper mache (or papier-mâché) is repulped paper mixed with glue or paste. Be gentle and look after them so they will remain durable and pretty.


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