Earth Paper Mache Pot
Earth Paper Mache Pot
Earth Paper Mache Pot
Earth Paper Mache Pot

Earth paper mache pot

This paper mache pot is a part of Earth collection by Marie Michielssen. Tall and narrow, or small and round, with large or small handles – of which the one may be a little lower than the other – no mug in the papier-mâché collection of Marie Michielssen is the same. The clearly visible rough structure of the material, the reddish brown, black and light grey 'primordial’ colours and the manually stippled prints reinforce the individuality of each pot with all its imperfections, just as Nature does in its creations.

Please note, paper mache (or papier-mâché) is repulped paper mixed with glue or paste. Be gentle and look after them so they will remain durable and pretty.

  • Size: L 17 x W 30 cm x H 18 cm
  • Material: paper mache
  • Care: Never rinse paper mache with water. Instead, dust with a dry cloth. If stained, paper mache objects can be wiped with a soft soapy cloth, but be careful not to rub to avoid smudging the paint 
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