Long Candle Mix, Set of 6, Lilac, Light Blue & Dark Peach
Long Candle Mix, Set of 6, Lilac, Light Blue & Dark Peach
Long Candle Mix, Set of 6, Lilac, Light Blue & Dark Peach

Long candle mix, set of 6, lilac, light blue & dark peach

With the candle set in 3 interesting spirals and 3 beautiful shades – lilac, light blue and dark peach – a matching colour palette has already been put together by an expert touch. As always with Hay, delicious colours and the original shape of the twisted candles lend themselves perfectly as decorative objects in any interior. Handcrafted from Italy, so every candle is unique. Set has total of 6 candles, 2 in each colour and 3 different twisted shapes, they are almost too beautiful to burn. But when burnt, the candles will last 6-8 hours of burning.

How to get the best from your candle?

  • Paraffin candles can soften already from 40°C and lose their shape stability. Burn the candle away from draughts. Mind the distance between candles: If the candle is too close to other candles, this can cause irregular melting and dripping. Pay attention to all kind of heat sources (e.g. sun, floor heating, radiators, fireplace…) when placing candles. Make sure the candle is standing up straight. Check your candle holder. Placing a candle or multiple candles inside a vase or container can look great, but due to the heat build up it could melt the rim of the candle and lead to dripping.
  • Keep the wick trimmed for a cleaner, safer and longer burn. Don't let the wick get too long.
  • Dip, don't blow out when extinguishing the candle. Push the wick into the pool of hot wax and pulling it back out. Use a specially designed wick dipper or any suitable non-flammable tool.
  • Store your candles in a cool dry place as wax can soften in warm places. If exposed to direct sunlight for an extended length of time, colored candles may also fade.
  • Last but not least: Never leave any burning candles unattended. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets.
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Color: Lilac Light blue Dark peach

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